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Archive - 2007 (Norwich) Programme

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Friday 1st June
Session 1: Spatial Interpretations and Perceptions of Identity, c. 1450-1700.

Chair: Janka Rodziewicz

Popular Memory and Occupational Identity; Mining Custom and Interpretations of Space in the Forest of Dean, c.1450-1640
Simon Sandall
Custom, Space and Identity in Early Modern Essex: The cases of Maldon and West Mersea
Helen Band
Gender Identity in the Urban Domestic Environment: Public and Private, Reality and Imagination
Fiona Williamson

~ ~ ~ COFFEE ~ ~ ~
Session 2: Aspects of Medieval Religion: Attraction and Application

Chair: Helen Birkett

Miracles and Medicine: Celestial Physicians and Earthly Care
Louise Wilson
Defining Almsgiving in the Textual References of the Anglo-Saxon Homilies
Aleisha Olson
Why Did Robert de Sackville Become a Monk?
Peter Davidson

Evening Event: 18.30 - 23.00 Dinner and Quiz at Dragon Hall

Session 3: Medieval Vision: Romantic and Realistic

Chair: Kate McLean

The Bread and Butter (and Beer!) Cures for Medieval Blindness
Joy Hawkins
'Right with Hire Look': Love, Vision, and Certitude in Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde
Charles T. Archer

~ ~ ~ COFFEE ~ ~ ~
Session 4: Medieval Material World

Chair: Gesine Oppitz-Trotman

Breaking the Mould: The Issue of Conventionality in Cardinals' Seals
Matthew Sillence
Medieval Town Walls: The East Anglian Exemplar
Richard Turk
"Show me you insignia and I'll tell you who you want to be!": An Interpretation of Harold's Coronation Scene on the Bayeux Tapestry.
Sarah Power

~ ~ ~ LUNCH ~ ~ ~
Session 5: Medieval Lives: Poetic and Prose

Chair: Chloe Morgan

Archbishop Becket and the Sport of Kings: Falconry and Hawking in the Miracles of St Thomas
Gesine Oppitz-Trotman
'He walked before Him with an upright heart and did what was pleasing in His sight.' Clovis as God's Avenger in Book II of Gregory of Tours' Histories.
Adrian Smith
Elene's Spiritual Journey: Heo gefylled waes wisdomes gife
Lexi Ramsden

~ ~ ~ COFFEE ~ ~ ~
Session 6: Vice and Virtue in Medieval Art, Literature and Drama

Chair: Rebecca Pinner

Virgin Soldiers: Amazons, Worthy Women and the Virgin Mary
Sue Hedge
The Female Phallus and Male Attempts to Transcend it in the Commentum Super Sex Libros Eneidos Virgilii
Hartley Miller
Vicious Spaces: Reassessing the Vice in Culture c.1400-1600
George Oppitz-Trotman

Evening Events: 18.30-19.30 - Walking tour of Norwich
19.30-late - Dinner at Bedfords. 5 course meal in the medieval undercroft restaurant 17.50 for presenters and chairs, 27.50 for others, drinks and tip not included.

SUNDAY 3rd June
Session 7: Regulating Medieval Society

Chair: Simon Sandall

Buyer Beware: Light Weights and False Measures in the Market Place
Catherine Casson
Violence and Community Morality in Late Anglo-Saxon England
Emlyn Lucas

~ ~ ~ COFFEE ~ ~ ~
Session 8: Medieval Court Records

Chair: Fiona Williamson

Repeat Offending in Great Yarmouth's Leet Court
Janka Rodziewicz
Religious Dissent & Family Conflict in Thirteenth-Century Languedoc
Chris Sparks

Event: 13.30 Lunch at Pizza Express - individual payment.