York-Norwich Postgraduate Conference

4-6 June, K/133

Friday 4 June

2.30 pm Introduction Session 1. Literature and Culture of the Late Middle Ages Chair: Mark Honeywell

  • James Wade (York): 'þese wonderful bestes beþ dyuerse': Faeries and Faeryland in the Literature and Culture of the Late Middle Ages
  • Trisha Olson (York): "Disce Mori: Valor and Tragedy in The Alliterative Morte Arthure."

    3.30pm Coffee

    4pm Session 2. Creation and Maintenance of Medieval Identities Chair: Helen Lacey

  • Nick Williamson (UEA): Representations of English Identity 1300-1500
  • Helen Birkett (York): Hidden by the Sources: Establishing a Role for Godparents in Later Medieval England

    6.30pm Meet back at the gates of King’s Manor ready for meal followed by a medieval pub quiz at led by Mark Honeywell at the Royal Oak, Goodramgate.

    Saturday 5 June

    9.30am Session 3. The role of the feminine in medieval literature Chair: Lucy Sackville

  • Lisa Benz (York): When Virtue and Sin Collide: Negotiating Fornication in Fourteenth and Fifteenth Century Middle English Romance
  • Christina Figueredo (York): Submissive or rebellious?   Heroines in Middle English Popular Romances.
  • Rosie Mills (UEA): Picturing the Owners of Illuminated Prayerbooks: Psalters in England Before the Book of Hours

    10.30am Session 4: The role of the flesh and body in medieval texts Chair: Isla Fay

  • Chris Bonfield (UEA): Healing Bodies and Saving Souls: The Dissemination of the Regimen Sanatatis in England c. 1348-1531
  • Bronach Kane (York): Female Bodily Asceticism in Early Thirteenth-Century Liége: the Tortured Body of Christina the Astonishing Reconsidered

    11.30am Coffee

    12pm Session 5. Political manipulation in medieval culture Chair: Cath Nall

  • Rob Kinsey (York): York, the Gentry and the Crown in the 15th Century: the case of Sir Guy Fairfax, recorder of York, 1461-1477
  • Ian Sugierski (York): Swearing with Scandinavian Names on a Slavic God: The Nature of Perunand the Political Motive Attached to Him in 10th-Century Rus.

    1.20pm Lunch break

    2:30pm Tour of York Minster- Anthony Masinton

    4pm Session 6: Conflicts and Resolutions Chair: Shannon Lewis-Simpson

  • Pragya Vohra (York): Slaves and Feud in Njals Saga
  • Emma Watson (York): Heretics and Rebels in Sixteenth Century Yorkshire: The Work of A.G Dickens on Lollardy and Rebellions in the North of England

    5pm Coffee

    5.30pm Session 7: Spacial Analyses of Power and Ceremony Chair: Judy Frost

  • Kate Kim-McLean (York): Lodging Feudalism: The Form, Function and Meaning of the Lodging Range in Two Late Medieval Houses of Power
  • Bethany Hamblen (York): The Archbishop's Palace at York Minster and the Bishop's Palace at Norwich: Ceremonial Use of Space within Cathedral Closes from the Twelfth to Fifteenth Centuries.

    7pm Meet at gates of King’s Manor for restaurant